Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our First Art Show Ever!

 We had an amazing time at the art show on Sunday! Our kids did a fabulous job playing and singing “Be Still and Know” for the congregation. I love watching their confidence grow and grow! We had a great turnout for the art show... lots of new faces coming in to check out our little school! Unfortunately, Ms. Nancy broke her arm the night before and was unable to attend. We all missed her very much and hope she gets well very very soon!

Spelling- This week's spelling list is chock full of proper nouns (watch those capital letters) and all about Christmas! We went over the spellings of each words. Then, we chose at least 5 words to create a hidden picture. The kids drew a Christmas scene and had to pick out the spelling words hidden all around!

Grammar- We learned a brand new concept today. Direct objects. They learned that direct objects are nouns that receive the action from the verb. We even learned to diagram direct objects today!

Reading- We continued reading “Macbeth for Kids” today... and the kids wouldn't let me stop! They are absolutely loving this. We read through the death of Banquo. At this rate, we should be finished with the book before Christmas break!

Math- We began our multiplication lesson today. We will be sticking with a multiplication/division unit for quite a while. Today was mostly a review... We used goldfish to make 3 groups of 4 and then 4 groups of 3, noting that they each equaled 12. We used the goldfish to illustrate many multiplication problems. Although we will be working through concepts in class, work at home on multiplication tables and skip counting. Counting by 4's can get tricky for them. Repetition is the key!

Social Studies- Today, the kids learned about the geography of the colonies. They have been getting a lot of practice lately with charts and graphs. Today, they filled in a chart to compare and contrast the geography of the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies.

Art- Ms. Nancy had a doctor's appointment for her injury, so I was the fill-in today!  I found an awesome activity for making huge, intricate snowflakes.  I wasn't sure if we could pull it off... but wanted to give it a try!  Not only did we pull it off, we made the most gorgeous snowflakes ever!  These will be beautiful in the kids' homes all winter long! 

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